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Another apt quote for you

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Complete Manuscript looking for a good home

We’ll I haven’t been on the blog for a while what with summers holidays and I’ve been really busy finishing the revisions and the final read of ENEMIES RISING.  This contemporary fantasy features adventures in a number of European sites such as Spain, Italy, France, and the UK, oh and not to forget Cetardia, the Downside world under the sea.

It has been terrific fun to write and the MS is now looking for a good home with a suitable Literary Agent with the final word count being 105, 989.  IF ANY AGENTS ARE READING THIS, I OUGHT TO SAY THAT THE COMPLETE MANUSCRIPT (aimed at 12 – 15 year olds) IS READY FOR YOU NOW.

I have had a number of people read the MS and some of the main feedback includes how good it would be as a film or play station game. Some have even said it would make a good Marvel like comic. Of course, my business ears prick up when I hear these sorts of comments and I drift off into the realms of physical books, e-books and merchandise, lots of merchandise. Don’t I wish! Of course, I wouldn’t dream of putting this information in my query letter, would I?

Anyway, wish me luck with the submissions and I’ll keep you update.



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Hey, it is International Children’s Book Day today!

Hey, it is International Children’s Book Day today! What are you doing special today? Are you reading children’s books or writing them?

I am doing two things. Firstly, it has taken a while to find a suitable copy-editor, one with patience, and a good eye for young fiction.  However, I am pleased to report that I have now received the synopsis and first three chapters back and well edited.  Therefore, I have been working on the submission package for number 1 of the Tacrem Series –ENEMIES RISING’.  (Any Literary Agents or Publishers reading please take note.) I shall get the remaining chapters back before the end of the month.

I also awoke at 5.30 a.m. this morning with some additions to number 2 of the Tacrem Series that is already underway.

In addition, I have been doing some research for a delightful series of children’s books that I have started in relation to travel.

All in all a nice busy day.  What did you say you have been doing?


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The Need to Write

I am writing this in an attempt to explain to the loved ones of writers that their need to write is a real need, often beyond the control of the writer.

Time is ticking, thoughts on paper and screen are flowing, nay I should say overflowing. It’s as if the inception of one line of thought pervades, grows and often times mutates into another germ. This germ, this ‘thought virus’ attacks the writers mind and it succeeds in infecting them. Its secret of success is that the writer actually wants to write. The writer is the perfect host ripe for infection.  The writer – the one in for the long haul come what may – actually attracts the virus and readily hosts its surreptitious power. This power with the strength of armies programs the writers mind to such a degree that on occasions they no longer want to write. WHAT, you may say no longer wants to write? Moreover, this is where the virus takes hold. It mutates from the point of wanting to the unshakable point of needing to write status. Writers can find themselves in this status. It is a state where they wake in the morning and immediately proceed to think about the context of their next writing. If the virus is of a particularly strong, vain they may even wake in the night and take notes in that ever present notebook or Ipad beside the bed. Being infected means that in virtually every unoccupied waking minute writing pops in to the mind ready to be poured onto a page. For some writers, no matter how enjoyable, the day job can get in the way, especially if it is unrelated to the writing. The consequence of this is that once home your viral infection is competing to take your quality time away from you and your loved ones who may or may not have seen you all day. You may even find that whilst at home doing the household chores ideas pop into your head and the virus takes over once again. Does any of this sound familiar in any way?


Author Paul Stretton Stephens

Paul is an Englishman who lives in Spain, where he is currently a Head Teacher in a secondary school by day and writes by night. His writing projects currently include articles, fiction, Young Adult (YA), short stories, children’s stories, and poetry.

Paul can be contacted as follows:

 PenofPaul on Twitter

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The Written Word

Have you ever wondered who wrote first and what they actually wrote?

Have you thought what the first story was about?

Have you thought of anything relating to the history of writing?

I’m asking because I’ve just finished listening to a wonderful BBC Radio 4 programme called the Written Word.  This 5 episode (30 minutes each) piece traces the history of writing considering how writing helped develop human culture, the impact of the invention of the book, how writing influenced the spread of religion, how the written word was initially used in accountancy, and how writing aided the scientific revolution.

This is a must listen for any serious or would be writer.  You can discover more and listen again at the following web site:



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Did she really say “COMPELLING”?

There is nothing like receiving a good review, especially from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

In my recent case I have just received feedback from a number of beta readers including a Head of Department for English. Now the other beta reader’s feedback was valuable, honest, critical and most welcome. But when it’s someone’s profession and they give such positive, constructive feedback I can’t help think that it means something more. When a Head of English tells you face to face that your writing is, I quote, “COMPELLING” one cannot help to feel pleased, proud and all of the other adjectives that apply!

Thank you, all of you. My pursuit in writing is better for your unselfish cooperation.


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